Smart Glass is based on PDLC-technology (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystals). This technology is laminated between two layers of glass and connects to electricity and can then be switched between transparent and opaque mode.
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Smart Glass



PRIVACYGLASS HOME is a development of the smart home. You can use the privacy in so many ways!

To delimitate different parts of your home, as extra security in your door or maybe just to stop that staring neighbor!

When we work with PRIVACYGLASS HOME we use SMARTGLASS ECO or SMARTFILM ECO. The product can be controlled using a smart plug + app, via a regular switch or be connected to an existing control system.

The product is available in colors white, light grey and dark grey.


PRIVACY GLASS OFFICE gives your office environment the option of switching your glass between transparent and opaque mode and also offers different design options such as different colors and text- and logotypes printed on your smart glass.

PRIVACY GLASS OFFICE is available both as laminated smart glass (SMARTGLASS ECO) and as an adhesive, SMARTFILM ECO, that is installed on your existing glass.

Both laminated smart glass and smart film can be controlled via an app, remote control or whatever else that suit your specific needs.


INTEGRITYGLASS is the glass that screens off visibility, for example in the healthcare sector, where patients feel very ""naked"", or why not have a mobile glass wall that turns from transparent to opaque with the click of a button?

INTEGRITYGLASS is also suitable for fitting rooms in retail stores.

INTEGRITYGLASS creates a relaxing setting and environment.

When we work with INTEGRITYGLASS we use SMARTGLASS ECO Ultra Clear.


SHADYGLASS is the glass that acts as a interior sun protection for your facade that is exposed to a lot of sunlight.

Now we can finally present a product that works as both sunshade and Smart Glass!

A must have for the warm roof apartment or sun-drenched office! PDLC HR Adhesive is a heat resistant film for glass surfaces exposed to strong sunlight and heat.

The film can withstand temperatures up to +100 degrees Celcius.

The film is available in the colors grey and dark grey.


STORYGLASS transforms your glass into an area to show advertising, film or images with the help of a projector! STORYGLASS can create upsell at night in your store windows as well as being used as large format projection in your Smart Glass panels.

STORYGLASS is the obvious choice to strengthen your brand and customer offering during evenings- and nighttime. When evaluating STORYGLASS in retail settings the direct sales on the retailer’s webpage sees a substantial increase.

The film can withstand temperatures up to +70 degree Celcius.
The film is available in the colors white, grey and dark grey.
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