Privacy policy

The personal information of the webpage’s visitors collected by Smart Glas Nordic AB is only the person’s name, e-mail address, telephone number and company name. This information is collected on a voluntary basis via a contact form on the page:
Information collected via the contact form is solely for the purpose for Smart Glas Nordic AB to contact the visitor and present the company’s products and services and respond to inquiries. Contact information is never divulged to third parties without the visitor’s expressed consent.
The contact information is saved internally on Smart Glas Nordic AB’s server and can be deleted if the visitor so desires.


Cookies are small text files that contains information that is stored on the visitor’s computer. Webpages utilizes cookies, for example to save settings that control how the webpage should be shown in a browser.
Smart Glas Nordic AB uses cookies so the webpage can function as good as possible in terms of user friendliness, for example to correctly save information written in the contact form. Third party cookies are not used on the webpage and neither are cookies for marketing purposes. No cookies on the webpage collects personal information.
Visitors to the webpage are informed of the use of cookies and are given the option to consent to the webpage’s use of cookies by clicking “OK” on a pop-up window.
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