Being first is rarely a fortunate situation, therefore we have brought together our accumulated experience from the smart glass industry and started SMARTGLASSNORDIC, a company that not only represents the fantastic existence and properties of Smart Glass but we have also adapted its user-friendliness to different environments and needs.

It is important for us that Smart Glass reaches out to every conceivable user and therefore we work with the leading suppliers of Smart Glass in the world and build systems that fit your particular application area and to a much better price than before.

We have chosen to certify all our re-sellers, installers and partners. We spread our experiences and knowledge so that we all jointly maintain a sky-high level of expertise.

In order to stay one step ahead as a supplier, we work in well-composed project groups with high professional skills. In this way you can find new functions and applications.

SMARTGLASSNORDIC in collaboration with Stena Recycling presents the world's first recyclable Smart Glass. SMARTGLASSNORDIC RECYCLING PROGRAM.

As well as a striving to be a healthy company, we strive for a sustainable planet.
-Smart Glass Nordic delivers innovative smart glass solutions in the Nordic market. With our range of products we offer top quality and guarantees, which are quality controlled throughout our supply chain to create the highest amount of customer satisfaction. Our products suits you who work with smart home- and office solutions, interior design, construction, safety solutions and glass. Do you want access to our products range too? Visit our seminars and training sessions. Smart Glas Nordic is leading the development of smart glass solutions in the Nordic market.

Quote CEO Johan Sigurdsson
A healthy environment and sustainable planet are important to us!
With SMARTGLASSNORDIC'S RECYCLE PROGRAM we are the only supplier in the world to provide a recycling guarantee on our range of Smart Glas-products.
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